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Three AdAM academics elected to EPSRC funded Early Career Forum in Manufacturing
(January 2013)

In order to bolster and sustain the UK's manufacturing research base, EPSRC recently set up and funded the Early Career Forum in Manufacturing. Applications for membership were panel reviewed with a limit of 20 places available for the most promising potential manufacturing research leaders of the future. Five members of this prestigious group are based at The University of Sheffield and three (Fred Claeyssens, Candice Majewski and Patrick Smith) are active members of AdAM. Congratulations to Fred, Candice and Patrick who, along with their fellow forum members across the UK, will embark on a range of activates to enhance UK manufacturing research.

AdAM academic voted as being in top 20 most influential people in the AM industry
In early 2012 Additive Manufacturing Industry focussed "Time Compression technologies (TCT)" magazine asked its readership to vote for the most influential people on the industry. AdAM academic Neil Hopkinson was voted into this prestigious group, one of only two academics to be listed. TCT magazine first ran a similar vote in 2007 and Neil is the only academic globally to have been recognised in this group on both occasions. Upon receiving the news Neil said "It is a great honour to once again be recognised in this way and testament to the fine work of the team I am lucky enough to work with. Coming from the readership of such a well-respected industry focussed magazine, this recognition confirms that our research is valued by industry".

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Centre Status for AdAM
(Febuary 2013)
The Advanced Additive Manufacturing Group is pleased to announce it's newly assigned Centre status and will now be know as The Centre for Advanced Additive Manufacturing.

Chair for AdAM academic
(May 2013)
Congratulations to Prof. Matthew Gilbert

Triple TSB Success
(August 2013)
The University of Sheffield represented by Farapack, LimitState and Mercury Centre were successfully awarded TSB funding for three projects under the "inspiring new design freedoms in additive manufacturing/3D printing" call.

New AdAM academic
(Febuary 2014)
Dr Ilida Ortega, Lecturer in Dental Materials and Manufacturing joins the AdAM Centre

FACTUM website launched
(November 2014)
Factum focuses on developing supply chains and full scale production capabilities for novel Additive Manufacturing Technologies based on Laser Sinering and High Speed Sintering

Rolls-Royce Fly Largest 3D Printed Part Ever Flown
(February 2015)
Research developed at the University of Sheffield has helped to manufacture Rolls-Royce aerospace components formed using Electron Beam Melting

3D Printed Guides Repair Damaged Nerves
(February 2015)
Researchers at the University of Sheffield have succeeded in helping a damaged nerve repair itself using a 3D Printed guide