Our manufacturing research is conducted on the near-industrial scale and much of it is focused on detailed investigations of novel manufacturing routes based on the use of alloy powders and is conducted in close collaboration with industry. Fundamental research on emerging metallic materials concentrates on structural control and the development of new functional and structural properties.

Iain Todd joined the department in 2003 from the National Centre for Metals Research (CENIM) in Madrid, Spain. He obtained both his BEng and PhD at Sheffield and has held postdoctoral appointments at Sheffield, the Netherlands Institute for Metals Research (NIMR) at TU-Delft and CENIM in Madrid.

Centre for Advanced Additive Manufacturing

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Interested both in the development of new alloys and the development of new processes to enable engineering structures to be manufactured from them. Understanding the mechanisms driving the evolution of microstructure during processing is essential to developing new manufacturing processes that are fit for purpose.

Research Areas

Prof. Iain Todd, 
Director of Mercury Center
email : i.todd@sheffield.ac.uk

Presently the main focus of his research lies in the following areas:

New and Emerging Metallic Materials: Bulk Metallic Glasses, High Entropy Alloys, Self Healing Metallic Composites and Super-Elastic Alloys: their structure; the thermodynamic and kinetic factors influencing their formation; thermal stability; Structural and Functional (e.g. magnetic) properties.

Net Shape Manufacture and behaviour of complex materials and components: Additive Layer Manufacture using Laser and Electron Beam processes; Metal Injection Moulding; Spark Plasma Sintering; Aerosol Jet Teechnologies for Direct Write; manufacture of microtrusses; development of bio-inspired structural components; development of Rapid manufacturing technologies for aerospace and biomedical structures.

Key projects

- Formation and plasticity of Bulk metallic Glasses and Bulk Metallic Glass composites

- Design of novel alloy systems

- Additive Layer Manufacture of structural components for automotive and aerospace applications

- Metal Injection Moulding of Aerospace and Biomedical components and devices

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