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We believe that the most productive research emanates from the fusion of expertise from different disciplines; we embrace and practice this philosophy. Our research spans many different departments, disciplines and sectors often in projects that are inter-disciplinary in nature. We also work across a wide range of technology readiness levels, from basic research which often involves expertise from the pure sciences, to applied research in close collaborations with industry. Example research project include:

- Inkjet Printed Sensors 
  (led by Patrick Smith, Mechanical Engineering)
- Laser processing of Biomaterials 
  (led by Fred Claeyssens, Materials Science and Engineering)

- Aerospace Designer Alloys for Selective Laser Melting 
  (led by Kamran Mumtaz, Mechanical Engineering)

- Optimization of Components for AM 
 (led by Matthew Gilbert, Civil and Structural Engineering)

- Customised Oral and Maxillofcial Protheses using AM 
  (led by Ric Van Noort, School of Clinical Dentistry)

- Development of new materials for laser sintering 
 (led by Candice Majewski, Mechanical Engineering)

- Process and Material development for High Speed Sintering 
 (led by Neil Hopkinson, Mechanical Engineering)
- Manufacture of parts for end users including F1 teams using Electron Beam Melting
 (led by Iain Todd, Materials Science and Engineering)

In order to gain the maximum exposure and benefit from our equipment we house our Additive Manufacturing equipment across a range of labs. We house Additive Manufacturing machines with a value in excess of £3M and have access to a wealth of analysis equipment. Additive Manufacturing machines include:

3 x Arcam Electron Beam Melting machines (housed in The Mercury Centre)

Pro beam K40 Electron Beam Welder (housed in The Mercury Centre)
Renishaw Selective Laser melting SLM 125 (housed in The Mercury Centre)
EOS Laser Sintering P100 (housed in The Department of Mechanical Engineering)
High Speed Sintering Prototype (housed in The Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Objet Inkjet Printing Eden 260V (housed in The Department of Mechanical Engineering)
MicroFab Jetlab 4x1 (housed in The Department of Mechanical Engineering)
AerosolJet (housed in The Mercury Centre)
Microstereolithography (housed in The Department of Materials Science and Engineering)

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